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Easily transform the look of your curtains from lifeless-to-luxury designer decor with our spacers!

Just look at the differences below!

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Add fullness & volume to your curtains.


Small Spacers - Before - Green Ombree Curtains
Curtain Spacer Accessory - Small Spacer - After - Green Ombree Curtains
Blue Fall Curtains Smaller (1 of 3).jpg


Blue Fall Curtains Smaller (3 of 3).jpg

Invisible design remains hidden behind your curtains.

Multiple size options to fit your unique design and window styles.

Large and Small Curtain Spacer Accessory Size Comparison
Small and Large Curtain Spacer Accessory Comparison


Curtain Perfect™ spacers are designed perfectly to provide maximum beauty for your window's curtain decor.  These spacers provide your curtains with fullness, movement and ease of usage throughout your home and office.  We offer 2 different sizes to accommodate both regular and larger window treatments.

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